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Values: Welcome

As a Constitution conservative, Hausman believes the founding framers of our constitution granted sovereign authority of the people, to the people. It provides limitations on the government that protects the fundamental rights of all America citizens.

Over the past two years we watched our federal governments powers intrude onto citizens during the pandemic, as many of our basic rights were challenged, all while our businesses and livelihoods were threatened.

Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy by creating jobs, leading innovation, and increasing diversity. When you support small local businesses, you are supporting local families and your community.

During the pandemic we saw our federal government shut down small businesses and allowed large corporations to stay open and flourish. As an active member of four chambers of commerce in St. Charles County, I was on the front lines with other small local businesses during the pandemic, fighting against mask mandates and business closures.  

Local businesses are currently dealing with the high cost of goods, hiring employees and gas prices which are playing havoc on their bottom line. As a legislator, I will continue to encourage small business growth by remove regulations which interfere with expansion and continue to improve workforce development throughout our state.


Our education system has been jeopardized by mandates implemented by our federal government which will have long term effects on our children's mental and physical wellbeing. Normalizing pornography and failing to  acknowledge its existence in our schools by our school districts has become an issue our legislators need to address. Our children deserve better, as a legislator  Hausman will support legislative measures to protect and provide the necessary education needs and opportunities our children deserve.  


Fiscal responsibility has been dismissed by our state and federal leaders. It is time to hold our leaders accountable for overspending and unnecessary taxes. As a conservative, Hausman will stand strong against burdening tax payers with over taxation practices.


Values: Welcome

 "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." Luke 6:31



Wendy Hausman's faith in God is the fundamental foundation of everything she does. She believes religious rights were also important to our country's founders because they included it in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. This also included freedom of speech, press, peaceable assembly, and the right to petition the government. Hausman will work hard to protect these rights from policies favoring suppression.


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