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Protecting Children

“This is not against transgender people,” Rep. Wendy Hausman, R-St. Peters, said. “This is just to make sure that children do not make decisions that could affect the rest of their lives.”

    HB 813/HJR 47

    Rep. Hausman Passes First Piece of Legislation At the beginning of the legislative session Rep. Hausman filed two bills HB 813 and HJR 47 that would exempt child care facilities from property taxation. She filed these bills to address the problem of child care in the state, as many families struggle to find childcare for their kids. This prevents entrance to the workforce and is a drain on our economy. Rep. Hausman carried the Senate version of one of the bills, SJR 26, through the House and successfully sent it to the Governor's desk. If signed by the Governor, the resolution would allow voters to decide whether or not childcare facilities should be exempt from property taxes. If ultimately approved, this would help childcare facilities with operating costs and lead to more choice for families across the state.

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    Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act

    By a unanimous vote, Rep. Hausman passed her first bill through the Missouri House of Representatives. The bill establishes the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act which aims to prevent instances of child abduction by providing more judicial preventative measures. It will create uniformity with other states since custody determinations and abductions often occur across state lines. It also creates clear guidance for courts to identify risk factors that lead to abduction.

    The Senate did not take it up for consideration.

    Freshman of the Year 2023

    Wendy Hausman named Freshman of the Year 2023 by Speaker Dean Plocher for Champion for Children


    You can contact Representative Hausman

    Office: 573-751-3717

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