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​​​​"As a legislator, I want to ensure our government does not infringe upon our rights of which our country's founders set, by being a voice of reason and truly representing the people in my community.  It is my desire to bring integrity and common sense to state government."

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House Committees

Vice-Chair: Children and Families

Member: Budget & Economic Development

Subcommittee on Appropriations: -Public Safety, Corrections, Transportation and Revenue


Small Business Restrictions

As a legislator, I will continue to encourage small business growth by removing regulations which interfere with expansion and continue to improve workforce development throughout our state. 

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy by creating jobs, leading innovation, and increasing diversity. When you support small local businesses, you are supporting local families and your community.

Local businesses are currently dealing with the high price of gas, which is increases the cost of goods, all while struggling to finding employees. This is playing havoc on their bottom line.

I want to help business owners by lowering taxes and removing government waste leaving more money in the pockets of Missourians. 


Importance of Skilled Trades

Skilled tradesmen and women are the ones who build this great nation. The next generation of workers needs a healthy and stable work force, and less predatory student loans. I will work to convey the importance of trades while serving in Jefferson City.

While many Democrats believe taxpayers should pay for college tuition, I disagree. I believe there are lots of opportunities for success other than college. 

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Parents Rights

As a mother of five, I believe our children belong to the parents, not the government. Therefore parents have the authority to determine what is being taught to their children. 


Second Amendment Right

Lower Taxes &
Smaller Goverment

From the conception of our country's Constitution, we have been given the right to bear arms. My goal is to continue preserving that right for all citizens and advocate for my district as a constitutionalist.

 As a conservative, I will stand strong against burdening tax payers with over taxation practices. Missouri has more money on hand than ever before. I will work hard to push back against the Biden economy that is steering us into a recession, by lowering Missouri taxes.

Fiscal responsibility has been dismissed by our state and federal leaders. It is time to hold our leaders accountable for overspending and unnecessary taxes. 

It is time the tax payers get refunds!

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